When Christmas isn’t “Christmas”

Christmas stress getting to you?


Here’s what I’m hearing right now:

  • “The holidays are not ‘vacation time’— they are hyper-stress time. Hyper-demanding time. Hyper-triggering time.”
  • “On Facebook, I have to skip over so many of the requests for me to pray for people suffering or dying with serious illnesses—I can’t handle it.”
  • “My cousin sent a Christmas card photo of her kids—she didn’t even sign it.”

We are all overwhelmed.
Parties, presents, perfect bows—cookies, cards, decorations—people, plans, obligations …

It’s too much.

And this year it seems like more people are hurting. Have you noticed? So many people are feeling emotionally, spiritually, and financially stressed out.

Can I offer one gentle reminder?

Christmas celebrates the birthday of the only person who will never judge you for undelivered Christmas cards, burned cookies, regifting, snapping at the cashier, kicking your loud-mouthed uncle under the dinner table–you name it, Jesus won’t judge you for it.

So don’t judge yourself, especially at Christmas.

Instead, look around. See the grace and majesty and wonder that’s right here, right now. And the smaller, the better. One snowflake. One ray of sunshine. One person who loves you–just the way you are. One Christmas to just … be.

And give the only gift He really wants … your love.

Stone and Snow

He draws back, staring into my eyes.
“I know it’s not a perfect Christmas,” he says. “But it’s still Christmas.”

–from Stone and Snow

May peace fill your heart with song–so joyful and loud that it crowds out every worry and concern.

Merry Christmas!

And as Tiny Tim said, “God bless us, every one.”


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