Past is Prologue

The wonderful mystery-loyalists at Omnimystery News invited me to post some thoughts about going back to Raleigh’s teen years for the YA mysteries.

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Here’s the link to my post, “The Past is Prologue” (yes, borrowing from Shakespeare).

Past as prologue….



5 thoughts on “Past is Prologue

  1. I tried to download the e book Hers and couldn’t transfer it from kindle to nook. Read a sample about Raleigh’s aunt and a car rental with enough mystery to want to read more…… Can you help me? Thank you for writing a sequel to The stars shine bright. Raleigh always has taken care of everyone else now her turn? Thank you for this great character.

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    1. Thank you for responding to me. I had looked everywhere for the book Her’s. I have read all your books and enjoyed them 5 stars! Will the new book be out in June?

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  2. Thank you, Sue! The new book should be out this summer, but the schedule depends on people other than me. 🙂 I’ll be announcing the pub date here and on Facebook, and giving newsletter subscribers a sneak peak. 🙂

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