CF Books: Heading toward extinction? Or adapting to a new market?

This post by Discerning Lilies makes some important points about the state of fiction in general and “Christian fiction” in particular. She also calls out one of my favorite writers, Kristen Billerbeck. She also mentions the Raleigh Harmon series. What an honor.
I’ll write a follow-up later—and explain my complete loathing of the term “Christian fiction”—but for now read this and let me know your thoughts about it.

Discerning Lilies

For years the question has lingered: what’s happening with the publishing market?  In a world so consumed with the latest technological trends (so many of which seem to center on forms of more digital entertainment), books have always lingered as the unanswered question.  Is the publishing market dying?  Is it just changing?  Do people still buy books?

In the world of Christian fiction, the question is no less concerning than in the general market.  Much has been made of the concern over whether or not Christian fiction, itself, is dying.  Sources cite falling sales numbers, closing fiction divisions of Christian publishing houses, and changes in how easily one can shop for Christian fiction titles.

Stirring the Pot

I’ve appreciated Christian fiction for a long time.  When I was younger, I had favorite publishers.  Westbow was my favorite (it’s now changed to offer Christian fiction self-publishing, so the offerings are not…

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2 thoughts on “CF Books: Heading toward extinction? Or adapting to a new market?

  1. I don’t think of your books as Christian fiction. I think of them as mysteries with characters and plots I find very interesting. The addition of the main character’s christainity just makes it more realistic to me. Us regular everyday folk don’t go about thumping our bibles, but we seek God’s words and love while living our less than perfect lives.

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