Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt Stop #24!

scav hunt graphic 2017Welcome to the Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt!

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There is NO RUSH to complete the hunt—you have all weekend (until Sunday, 10/22 at midnight MST)! So take your time, reading the unique posts along the way; our hope is that you discover new authors/new books.

Submit your entry for the grand prizes by collecting the clue on each author’s scavenger hunt post and submitting your answer in the Rafflecopter form at Stop #25. Many authors are offering additional prizes along the way!

It’s my great honor to introduce you to Lisa Tawn Bergen—the mastermind behind this scavenger hunt! Lisa’s written more than 50 best-selling and award-winning books with more than 2.5 million copies sold. (Yeah, she’s amazing.) Her latest release is Four Winds, the second book in the hugely popular River of Time series.

Four Winds is a time-travel historical romance. Zara Ruiz has never been so happy to have failed at something in her life—trying to return to her own time. When she’s in FourWindsJavier de la Ventura’s arms, she knows that 1840 is where she belongs…where she’s found true love and family. But when the ranch is viciously attacked, and she and Javier’s little brother are kidnapped, Zara finds herself at the mercy of the FOUR WINDS, and no longer certain where her journey might end.

Lisa’s fiction really evokes settings—readers feel like they are right there. It’s one reason why Lisa’s fiction is so popular. Below, Lisa explains why she takes research trips. Folks, this woman goes to some very cool places! So sit back and enjoy a little arm-chair travel.

Three Reasons I Go on Research Trips

As I write this, I’m in England, conjuring up new stories and doing some research for my current work in progress, The Sugar Baron’s Daughters, a trilogy that will begin to release in February 2018 with Keturah. We’re heading down to Liverpool at the end of this trip because the International Slavery Museum is there, and I need to learn more for my next two books in the trilogy. Truth be told, I love traveling, because it always seems to get my creative juices flowing. But beyond the tax-deductible rationale, there are specific ways being on-location help me.

Lisa scouting England

Inspiration/Story Angles

I first fell in love with research trips when I was writing The Captain’s Bride. My hubby and I were in Maine, in a little village that had been preserved as “authentic 1880s-era” and we went to the second floor of the main house. There a curator told me how the home had once been owned by a sea captain, who was determined to leave his wife at home, but she insisted on sailing with him. As they rounded the Horn of Africa, her husband was terribly ill with malaria and the first mate was making moves on her. She had him sent to the hold in chains and captained the ship herself through those treacherous waters. Boom, I thought. There’s my heroine. And you better believe I worked that woman’s story into my own. She became my inspiration.

Location Details

In the West Indies to research for Keturah, I was able to feel the wind coming off the sea and how the clouds collected around the mountains and filtered down through the jungles. I learned how sugar mills were constructed and climbed inside one. I could hear

Lisa scouting Nevis

the monkeys chattering and the crickets chirping. I noticed there were few seagulls—even though we were surrounded by the Caribbean and Atlantic. I pulled massive conch shells from the sand…and found out they’re so plentiful because abalone fishermen toss them back out. Those were all details that I might have imagined…but may not have had I not experienced them first-hand.

Locally-Generated Research Materials

Tiny, self-published books written by locals (often found in museum/historical monument gift shops). Plaques by the side of the road. Little museums that barely get by but are run by passionate people. These are the gems I often find while on a research trip, and the notes that I return to as I write. I usually read 10-15 books to prep for a new era or location or subject, but it’s these “Cliff Notes” materials that I look back to in the midst of writing to make sure I’m getting the essentials right. While writing Three Wishes and Four Winds, my time-travel duology set in Mexican-California, I found great info at the mission at San Juan Capistrano and their bookshop.

Where to next? I think New York. Because while it’d be fun to take in a Broadway show, I also need to know what it was like in 1778, my era for Verity, my next work-in-progress.LTB Author Photo_web

Lisa T. Bergren is the author of over 50 books in many different genres, selling more than 3 million copies combined. She lives in Colorado with her family, but spends most of her time planning her next trip abroad. For more info, see

You can order Lisa’s book, Four Winds, at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords

Here’s the Stop #24 Skinny:
Clue to Write Down: Too!
Link to Stop #25, the Next Stop on the Loop, Lisa T. Bergen’s own site!

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37 thoughts on “Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt Stop #24!

    1. Gabrielle, that’s true. In the Northwest, DB Cooper was a legend. I think part of it was back then Seattle and Portland were relatively small cities, so this was HUGE news. And still is. Let me know what you think of his role in the book. 🙂 Thanks for your note.


  1. Nice to meet you Sibella! You have a beautiful name 🙂
    I’m not familiar with your writing yet but I’ll definitely check out your books now!
    Thank you for participating in the hunt!

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  2. I think the best part about this hunt is learning the story behind the story; what inspired the author to write that particular book. I also loved learning about what kind of research they did. It’s like getting a behind the scene glimpse into the authors mind. 🙂

    Thank you for the extra giveaway Sibella! I’ve not read anything by you yet but really want to. By the way, I LOVE your name…it’s unique like mine!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sibella, the D.B. Cooper mystery is fascinating! I had never heard about it before. Really gets your curiosity rolling! Thanks for being a part of the Scavenger Hunt and for your bonus giveaway. I subscribed to your newsletter 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for subscribing! Yes, the DB Cooper mystery has captivated me for years and years. It helped to finally write about it—and to learn how many other people were caught up in the same questions and mysteries.

      Thanks for stopping by the blog, and best to your Scavenger Hunting!


  4. Very nice to meet you! Cant wait to read your books! Signed up for your newsletter and followed you on social medias and goodreads.


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