“Writing was just something I always did–journals, letters, graffiti. Any kind of playing with words, I was interested. Plus my grandmother was a librarian–that sealed my fate.” (read more)

“Writing requires courage–more than talent. When normal people realize that ‘dream book’ can’t be reproduced on the page they quit. Writers keep going. An Irish proverb hangs above my computer: “You’ll never plough a field by turning it over in your mind.’ …” (read more)

“Daily journalism taught me how to write fast, but it didn’t teach me much about re-writing. When you’re on deadline, there’s never time for rewriting. And yet rewriting is where the best writing gets done, where God can work in the details.” (read more)

“Raleigh Harmon and Sibella Giorello have much in common–both are Christians, have a love of family, have eccentric families, have degrees in geology, love the outdoors, love poetry; and love to dip their French fries in mayonnaise. Reading Giorello’s books, readers would assume that …” (read more)

“If you’ve ever played sports, you know that the worst games are the ones where you walk on the field feeling too confident. A little fear, a little self-doubt can work in your favor. The key is …” (read more)

“I try to make my writing gritty and realistic without being over the top,” she said. “I’ve got a novel with a tough heroine that has a backbone. Essentially, it’s something that I would want to read.” (read more)

“One of the best heroines in modern literature is Sibella Giorello’s Raleigh Harmon. Why do I think so? Raleigh Harmon exhibits excruciating emotional strength while being on the edge of completely breaking down. She’s attractive, tough, smart, vulnerable, and softhearted while exercising cynicism.”  (read more)