I write mysteries about real, broken, strong, struggling people.  Mysteries about hidden motives and secrets unexpectedly exposed——mysteries revealed in the world around us … and in our own beating hearts.

In each book, Raleigh Harmon utilizes forensic geology——showing how traces of minerals and rock and dirt and earth are amazingly effective crime-solving tools.

There are two parts to each series:
Young Adult – Raleigh Harmon as a teenager discovering the secrets of solving mysteries while dealing with adult issues beyond her years;
Adult Romantic Suspense Mystery – Raleigh Harmon as the formidable adult FBI agent and forensic geologist, using her lifetime experience and perceptive intuition to crack “unsolvable” crimes.

Now available!
The Waves Break Gray – Book #6 in the Raleigh Harmon mysteries

Details HERE!

The Waves Break Gray

You can read about what inspired the YA series at Omnimystery News, and in this interview with suspense writer Susan Sleeman’s and her website The Suspense Zone.

Still more interviews can be found here.

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                                                  photo by Michael Good