Sibella PhotoHi, I’m Sibella.

I write mysteries about broken, strong, struggling people.
Mysteries about hidden motives. Secrets exposed.
Mysteries that exist in our own beating hearts.

But perhaps the greatest mystery is Raleigh Harmon herself.

A formidable forensic geologist, Raleigh’s personal life is a constant struggle. So are the cases that cross her path.

The bestselling series has two parts:
* PREQUEL YOUNG ADULT MYSTERIES – Raleigh Harmon as a teenager, dealing with issues far beyond her years, and learning how to solve crime through geology.
* ADULT ROMANTIC SUSPENSE MYSTERIES – Raleigh Harmon, hurting yet somehow heroic, now an adult FBI agent and forensic geologist. Her personal life remains a challenge. And the cases only get harder, forcing her to use her science knowledge, life experience, and deep intuition to crack crime.

Now available!
The Moon Stands Still – Book #7 in the Raleigh Harmon mysteries

Details HERE!

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“One of the best heroines in modern literature is Sibella Giorello’s Raleigh Harmon. Why do I think so? Raleigh Harmon exhibits excruciating emotional strength while being on the edge of completely breaking down. She’s attractive, tough, smart, vulnerable, and softhearted while exercising cynicism. She’s kept her faith amidst severely debilitating personal pain, and with each new endeavor she realizes important things about her character, personality, desires, and fortitude, again while reestablishing her breaking point. She’s charismatic without intending to be. She has to put the brakes on herself or she will make going off half-cocked a daily ritual with her all-systems-go approach. I love her. She’s a perfect endearing heroine because I understand her snark when it happens and she brings me to tears when she’s on the verge of them. A real female heroine who’s written exactly right.
~ Nicole Petrino-Salter, About Those Heroines…

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