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After college, I had no idea what to do with my life. So I rode a motorcycle across the country—Massachusetts to Los Angeles—and by some kind of divine miracle, I didn’t die. Soon after, I landed a very cool job in Richmond, Virginia writing feature stories for a daily newspaper. That’s when I knew what to do with my life: write about people.

Among other honors, my feature stories earned two nominations for the Pulitzer Prize. But I can’t take credit for those awards. The honor goes to the extraordinary people who graciously opened their lives and bravely told their stories. As a reporter, every day was humbling.

When my two sons were born, I wanted to hear their stories from the beginning. Being a full-time mom was the most glorious privilege. But my imagination still itched to write. So while the boys napped, I typed. Before long, a formidable forensic geologist named Raleigh Harmon stalked the page. She arrived like an unexpected gift.

The first Raleigh Harmon mystery, The Stones Cry Out, won a Christy Award for Best First Novel. Today there are many more books in the series—and many more to come. To be honest, I can’t see an ending with Raleigh. Book by book, she leads me forward with new and intriguing challenges. And since Raleigh’s always been interesting, there’s also a prequel series that focuses on her teen years, learning about life, love, how geology can solve crimes. And her dad is still alive.

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Read her for her wonderfully descriptive prose, her killer plots or her well-drawn characters, but read her. You’ll come away enriched in deep and plentiful ways.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch

What I love most about this book is how very real Raleigh seems to be. I keep thinking, 'Raleigh's just like one of us.

Pia, Amazon 5-Stars

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