Free Raleigh Harmon Short Story! Free Raleigh Harmon Short Story!

This is a fabulous book! Perfect for the teen reader in your life who wants something smart, witty, meaningful, and intriguing.

Rel Mollet,

When the end is near, every second counts

 Drew Levinson, girl genius, is a prisoner in her own house—trapped by agoraphobia. But Drew’s best friend Raleigh Harmon figures out how to lure Drew back into the real world.
It’s a wonderful surprise…until tragedy strikes.
Now Raleigh has three days to pry Drew from Sunset Gardens, their grandmothers’ retirement home. And she needs to convince Drew no thief lurks among the old people. But when Raleigh starts tracking down the evidence, she stumbles into the path of a killer.
Stone and Sunset continues the saga of the girl who becomes a forensic geologist and FBI agent—after she survives her high school years.

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