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Readers, here it is! The new Raleigh Harmon mystery: Stone and Spark

Book 1 in the Young Raleigh Mysteries

I’m thrilled about this book. Not only does Raleigh once again prove herself full of fire and spunk, Stone and Spark answers some questions bandied about by readers ever since the first Raleigh mystery, The Stones Cry Out.

Specifically: Raleigh’s dad.

Readers want to know about David Harmon. What was he like? Will Raleigh ever solve his murder? (Man, I hope so!) And what was her life like when he was alive?

After I finished writing The Stars Shine Bright, those questions started percolating in my mind. I didn’t push them away because as my favorite Englishman (Winston Churchill) once said: “The farther back you can look, the farther forward you can see.”

And as so often happens with writing, my imagination knit itself to “real life” as a beautiful and brilliant thirteen-year-old girl came to live with us.

Now, I’m a tomboy-mom with only sons. So having a teen girl around the house was quite the adventure, especially a girl who was so smart and so ready to tell me when I was full of…you know. (I love this girl. She’s family).

But the whole experience reminded me of how teen girls struggle to find their way, to forge an identity, to figure out where they fit in this great big world.

That’s when Raleigh, age fifteen, appeared on the page. She began telling me about her growing up years—her dad’s alive, her mom’s still nuts, and Raleigh’s just beginning to understand geology is the coolest thing in the entire universe.

Stone and Spark grew from that seed of wonder. And this new Raleigh mystery launches the parallel teen series that will run alongside the adult Raleigh series. We’ll get to follow Raleigh through high school and into college, right up to the point where The Stones Cry Out begins. The second book in the teen series will come out soon afterward.

I hope you enjoy Stone and Spark. Let me know your thoughts. Better yet, leave a review and let the whole world know—Raleigh’s back!

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