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“Raleigh Harmon is one of the best heroines in modern literature.” — Nicole Petrino-Salter, Into the Fire


The Moon Stands Still

Book 7 in the Raleigh Harmon mysteries

Now available!

Here’s a quick synopsis of the story:

2016-844 Sibella Giorello Moon 7 (1) (1)On a scenic riverbank outside Seattle, forensic geologist Raleigh Harmon accidentally digs up evidence linked to the local FBI’s most famous unsolved mystery—D. B. Cooper’s airplane hijacking and sudden disappearance.

But when the Bureau hires Raleigh to help solve its legendary cold case, her life starts to fall apart. The state crime lab’s already asked her to identify geology linked to a young girl’s murder—a murder that could send an innocent man to death row.

Juggling two urgent cases, Raleigh digs deeper into both and triggers a dangerous series of events. She also fractures her fresh romance with agent Jack Stephanson.

What’s worse, Jack doesn’t seem to care.

In The Moon Stands Still, Raleigh Harmon confronts her worst fears of failure and abandonment, while fighting to deliver justice and uncover the truth.

But that truth is going to change her life forever…

I hope you enjoy this Raleigh mystery as much as I do—it might be my favorite one yet. D.B. Cooper’s disappearance has always fascinated me. Since Raleigh’s in the right region —the Pacific Northwest— I thought it’d be interesting to explore the possibilities of her working this legendary cold case.

Let me know what you think! The book’s available at all online retailers and in paperback. (Buy links below).

Thank you for being such great readers and for sending me such wonderful notes. You ROCK!

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  1. Reblogged this on katiescottagebooks and commented:
    The Raleigh Harmon series is great. I love these books and highly recommend them!

    1. Thank you, Kathy! Really appreciate your praise!

      1. You are very welcome. 🙂

  2. Mary says:

    I’ve read all 10 Raleigh Harmon books. Loved them and gave five stars to all of them. I do hope there will be more?

  3. Mary, thank you! So glad you like the series. Yes, more coming—MANY more. I’m working on the next two now. When I know the release dates, I’ll send out a newsletter. Be sure to subscribe (link here on the website).

    Thanks again—you ROCK.


  4. Katherine says:

    I started reading the Raleigh Harmon series when I was in middle school thanks to my mom recommending it (since I have always been fascinated with geology), and I just recently rediscovered the series. I was so thrilled to see that there were new books, and I think that this one is one of my favourites! I love every second of the Raleigh books, no matter what age she is in each. I can’t wait for the next one!

    1. Sibella Giorello says:

      Katherine, what a great mom you have! So glad to hear about her, and that you’ve enjoyed Raleigh’s adventures in geology (and life). Give your mom a hug for me. And next book is coming soon! Thanks for writing!

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