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Book 4 in the Raleigh Harmon prequel mysteries

Stone and Sunset
Book # 4
The Raleigh Harmon Prequel Mysteries

Many of you wonderful subscribers have sent notes (a.k.a. nudges/cattle prods/ foot-stomping demands) ever so sweetly asking me:

“Where’s the next book?!?”

By way of explanation, a quick story. So you can see the glamorous life of an author.

Last week, my son was cat-sitting for family friends and decided it would be wise to open a window. You know. So the indoor cat “could have some fresh air.”
Do you have a teenage son?
Then you know what happened next.

The cat escaped from the house.

Even better, this indoor cat lives on a mountain inhabited by all kinds of predators. So, as my son took his finals at school, I zoomed over to this house—laptop in hand, trying to finish Stone and Sunset—and camped by the open window. All day.
Which turned into all night.
Sometime the next day, the cat showed up, soaked from the rain.
And I took a nap.

However, this feline saga seems fitting since this latest Raleigh mystery features some cats. And Raleigh’s not pleased with any of them.
Life imitates art, you know….

Here’s a quick description of Stone and Sunset

Book 4 in the Raleigh Harmon prequel mysteries

 When the end is near, every second counts.

Drew Levinson, girl genius, is a prisoner in her own house—trapped by agoraphobia. But Raleigh Harmon figures out a way to lure Drew into the real world.

It’s a wonderful surprise…until tragedy strikes.

Now Raleigh has three days to pry Drew from Sunset Gardens, their grandmothers’ retirement home, and convince Drew that no thief lurks among these old people. But as Raleigh tracks down the evidence, she stumbles into the path of a cold-blooded killer.

Stone and Sunset continues the saga of the girl who grows up to become a formidable forensic geologist and FBI agent—after she survives her high school years.

Be sure to order Stone and Sunset at the special pre-order price of .99-cents!
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Thanks for all your notes and letters.
And thanks for reading with Raleigh. I’m grateful for each of you.

Your fan,


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