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Morricone’s Magic

Morricone conductingEnnio Morricone has died, age 91.


You know his music. Morricone wrote musical scores for film and television–too many productions to list here. But among the blockbusters were Once Upon a Time in the West, Cinema Paradiso, and the menacing sounds whistling through Sergio Leone’s spaghetti westerns, including “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.”

Morricone also scored The Mission, among the greatest soundtracks in film history. It’s a personal favorite here at the Raleigh Ranch, often playing while I follow our favorite forensic geologist through her latest adventure.

Have a listen to this “Cinema Celebration” playlist from Spotify featuring Morricone scores:

And please read (below) Morricone’s “self-obituary.” What a sweet message from a stellar life. It came with a statement from his family that Morricone passed away “with the comfort of his faith.” Amen.

Thank you for all the music and memories.

Ennio Morricone’s self obituary

I, Ennio Morricone, am dead.

I am announcing it this way to all my close friends and even to those who have been a bit distant, I say goodbye with much love. It is impossible to name you all.

But I want to particularly remember Peppuccio and Roberta, you have been like siblings to me and very present in the last years of our life.

There is only one reason that pushes me to say goodbye in this way and have a private funeral: I don’t want to disturb.

I would like to say goodbye with much affection to Ines, Laura, Sara, Enzo and Norbert, for sharing most of my life with me and the family.

I want to remember my sisters with love Adriana, Maria and Franca and their loved ones and I want to let them know how much I loved them.

A profound farewell to my children, Marco, Alessandra, Andrea and Giovanni, my daughter in law Monica, and my grandchildren Francesca, Valentina, Francesco and Luca.

And the final goodbye to my wife Maria, my life partner, I would like to renew the extraordinary love that held us together and I am sorry to abandon our love. The most painful farewell is to you.

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