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Fantastic prequel series to the adult Raleigh Harmon Mysteries

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The first three books in the young Raleigh Harmon prequel mysteries.
Stone and Spark
Stone and Snow
Stone and Sand
Get to know the girl who will grow up to become an FBI agent and formidable forensic geologist—provided she survives her high school years.

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I was skeptical that I'd enjoy a young adult novel with my favorite character, Raleigh Harmon, but my mind was changed before finishing the first chapter. This is a stand-alone mystery, but provides great insight into Raleigh's teen years, especially her home life.

Goldberg Family

Excellent. The wonderful power of true friendship, knowing someone's little quirks. A mystery but really a story of human relationships.

Eileen, Amazon 5-Stars

My daughter (11) has never been so wrapped up in a book…She wanted the 2nd and 3rd books in the series before she finished the first.

D. Chapman, Amazon 5-Stars
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